Breathe. Relax. Explore.

Create a world where anyone can belong anywhere.

Customized private gatherings on your next family and friends occasion.

Online Intimate Gatherings

Meet, chill, talk and engage with interesting people and  independent artists in small groups

Jojo Community Gatherings

Online unique activities we can do together, led by our super cool Jojos(hosts) from across the world.

Explore independent artists and really cool hosts

Follow. Engage. Share

Discover great artists, hosts, join and follow their pages to engage in meaningful ways. 

Explore interactive, intimate video gatherings designed to add value to your life by our one-of-a-kind hosts, artists – all without leaving home.

Interact in a new way

Get involved and participate.
A new way of discovering and sharing your favorite music, events, videos, photos, posts directly from your community feed.

Create your profile, get it approved. Start exploring artists and cool people.

Explore independent artists, join virtual gatherings, interact with cool people and host gatherings.

You get to be a part of inclusive community of artists and happy vibes people.

Giving artists wings to fly

We are providing all kind of independent artists tools, resources, collaboration opportunities and super fans to support them financially. We want the artists to just perform and spread their love and leave the rest to us. From helping them spread their content to running ads to selling merch to creating a personalized payment system and much more.

  • Create your custom Profile Page to showcase your self yourway
  • Create private virtual gatherings, campaigns for
  • Marketing tools: Emails, Messages, Facebook Ads
  • Let your super fans support you financially for your premium content
  • Sell Merchandise And Much More...

About Motojojo

We have created the most diverse community in India
  • 300+ In House Gatherings
  • 2000+ Independent Artists
  • 20000+ Strong and Active Community
  • Present in 18 cities
  • 1000+ Hours of In-Person Performance by artists