Motojojo is known all across the country for its gatherings. Gatherings are what made us who we are today. It’s where our community was created, consisting of artists, and people who love art, indie music, poetry, and stories. What brought us all together was the happy, intimate vibe, and a shared passion for art. Not a day goes by where we don’t miss those weekends!

It’s high time that the community got together. And yeah, maybe we cannot go back in time. But we can get with the times and go digital. So what if y’all can’t come to the gatherings? The gatherings sure as hell can come to you.

The artist community fuels our soul. They’re what make these experiences so beautiful, so memorable. They make this platform even stronger with their art. They are our backbone. And while this time of uncertainty has restrained all artists to their homes, missing the times they sang to their live audience, we wanted to do something about it.

2020 will be all about chaos and collaboration.

We present to you,”Kalakaaron ki Addebaazi” 

Picture this- unique artists from all around the country, coming together under one platform to provide you with a one-of-a-kind virtual experience every week. So stack up that six-pack of beers and your favorite munchies, we’re here to turn your mediocre pandemic weekdays into something magical!

Whether you’re a musician, a poet, a dancer, or blessed with any wonderful talent, this is your chance to embrace it! Embrace the artist in you! Motojojo is here with all its love, support, and more importantly, its vibe.

How to register: https://www.motojojo.co/addebaazi-events/

Donate to us: 

Did the idea intrigue you? Do your bit and help the community flourish amidst the pandemic. If you like what we are doing, support the cause of Addebaazi. 

Time: 9-11/9.30-11.30

Days: Every Week
Wednesday Music
  Thursday Poetry (Later)
        Friday Comedy (Later)

Read all the Terms and Conditions carefully.

1. Come on time, leave after the meet & greet. You have the liberty to leave after speaking to us about any emergency. The host will keep it rolling!  

2. The limit will be 2 to 14 artists/performers with a 5 -6 Min set or approximately 2 songs. 

3. The host/Motojojo Moderator has all the rights to mute and unmute people and also to manage communication. 

4. You shall remain on mute while the artist is performing. Also, do keep your camera on, we’d love to see all your happy faces. 

5. You may turn on the mic when the artist/Moderator asks or when you feel like you want to appreciate or ask the host/artist, but kindly do not interrupt them between the performances.  

6. Rights to the music/writings/Comic’s set shared remains with the artists only.  

7. The performance of the Artist’s released work can be recorded by motojojo with permission and will be used for promotions. 

8. No one in the Audience shall record unreleased Original songs/writings/Sets by Artists played in the Session. You can post Pictures and Stories on Ig/Snapchat/Facebook of Released work by the Artists.

9. No disrespect in any which ways will be tolerated, we know you won’t. But we got to say what we got to say! Also, You’ll be kicked out of the call if you do any such thing. Just saying! 

10. Registration via Form will start a week prior and last moment registrations can be done two hours prior. Links will be given one hour prior via emails only.


  1. Who all can perform?

  • All kinds of Artists can participate, however Open Mics will have different categories.

  1. Is the audience allowed?

  • Yep.

  1. Do I have to pay?

  • The first month is free to access for guests. 
  • (Always free for artists to perform) 

  1. Is this going to be curated?

  • Yes, it is.

  1. I don’t have a set up with me but I want to perform. May I know the criteria?

  • You can but a set up is preferable. Try using at least a good pair of earphones with a fully functional microphone. You can also check our blog on how to achieve best audio set up

  1. What if I register but don’t get selected?

  • If the event has arrived and you still haven’t heard anything from us. It might be that the artists for an upcoming event were already finalized. If we think you’d be a suitable fit for a future one, though, we’ll be sure to get in touch.
    Keep updating your profile with your latest work.

  1. Is this refundable?

  • Well, it’s free for Artists to perform.
    October onwards for Audience, 150/- (Non Refundable)

  1. Can I perform more than once?

  • Yes, but we’ll let you know when that can happen.

  1. I am a cover artist, is that fine?

  • It’s only for original artists, sorry.

  1. Can I connect with other artists by sharing contact details?

  • Definitely, during the meet and greet.