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Join the fastest-growing indie community of India, discover new local artists, audience, tech tools and methods of making revenue, and make the most of being independent.

We take pride in creating the most diverse community in India.

Motojojo attempts to bring back a time where artists were valued, respected and looked after in society. Art is an indispensable part of India’s culture, and we believe that it’s important to give it the respect and appreciation it deserves. The community is here to look after all independent artists financially, and create a platform where their music is heard, their emotions conveyed, and their talent cherished.

Motojojo is a start-up in the experiential entertainment & travel space, with the motive to build a network & community of artists, travelers/riders, film-makers, photographers and people all across the country.

Motojojo is all about creating platforms to support different types of art. We organize eccentric indoor & outdoor gatherings in everyday spaces, focused on different kinds of independent art including music, cooking, poetry, film-making, and story-telling. In the last three years, Motojojo has done over 500+ events across 16+ cities in India, hosting over 20,000 guests and 3000 independent/originals artists;  all with the help of our small team.

We are providing all kinds of independent artists the tools, resources, collaboration opportunities and super fans to support them financially. We want the artists to just perform and spread their love and leave the rest to us. From helping them spread their content to running ads to selling merch to creating a personalized payment system and much more, we’re here to support and promote the indie scene across the country.

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