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Independent Artist


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Motojojo is bringing the ancient order where artists were taken care off by the society financially, emotionally, everything and they did not have to worry about their survival, they could create art without worrying about likes, share, etc. So we are creating Jojos who support you in every way not just like or share your photos but real monetary support.

Virtual Artist Page

Create your virtual identity page to invite or share with everyone. It will be mother of all your online profiles, content and achievements till date. You can integrate all the platform you are on currently as an artists.



Create and Host events

You can create your own online events and host it, get paid for it. Your followers will be notified. Set your own ticket prices, availability with recurring events. We together bring good vibes peeps who want to support artists and pay for it too.

Get real fans

Followers can subscribe to the artist’s account and pledge any amount of money, periodically for your premium content, in addition to the likes and shares. Run a super fan membership and earn predictable income. Let your fans put their money where their mouth is!

*Membership subscription and filtered content feature is in beta version currently. So will be available to select profiles only.

Tech and communication tools

We have learnt the art of tech and communication since years.You keep making art while we give you the wings to proliferate your art. We provide you with all necessary online tools to earn and put out your content. All you do is spread love via your art and your essence to this world to make it better bit by bit in your own sweet little way.

Get Private Gigs

Artists can also list themselves available for private gigs or bookings from families or corporate. We will strive to get you the best offer possible.  Yeah, we’re proud!

Marketing and promotions

When we’re not going gaga over art, we are tech savvy marketing people. We know how to juice up every penny spent on ads the right way for the right results. We shall notify the world that there’s a rockstar in MJ Town! If you want it, we provide you our expertise for the same.

We’ve got your back to become an independent artrepreneur

You’re not alone – you’ll have access to educational tools and opportunities to help you grow as an artists and independent artrepreneur. You will have access to other expert artists mentors in coming days. 


Guidelines, tips and tricks for hosting successful Online Gatherings and running your account.

Online events

Learn to master the art of hosting online and engaging the audience.

Community support

Connect with other artists through Facebook groups and online meetups.