Host an online gathering

Express yourself, engage and create a community to find like-minded people in whole new way. Earn by doing what you love!

Host a gathering

Motojojo Gatherings are curated experiences, engaging activities designed by like minded locals to add value to your life and create community to express freely without judgement. And now you can host them for anyone, from anywhere.

What Motojojo can offer to you

Free platform & marketing tools

Listing your gathering is free. We help you curate the gatherings from idea stage. You can share the gathering within your circle just by syncing your contacts. And other automated marketing tools such as whatsapp, sms, etc. Our team helps you promote as well.

Power to choose

You get the power to choose your guests. Only guests accepted by you can show up at your event

Payment and support

Hosting with us is breeze and super easy, we help you decide everything via our guides and community members. We make safe and trusted payment possible. Payouts are done 2-3 days after the gathering.

How it works?


Design your gathering

Think about how to engage with guests online, add value to their life during pandemic and share your expertise, passion. All our gatherings are centered around community and expression. Our team will help you all along the way to curate the best gathering online.  Start the submission process.


Share your idea

Next, describe your activity on our create an idea page. We encourage sharing the value of what you’re offering in detail, how it ads value to people’s life during pandemic or otherwise, starting with a lower price until you have some reviews, and setting the length to 90 minutes or less. 


Submit your gathering

Fill up the details of the gatherings in 5 simple steps with the guidance on the site at each step. Once everything else is completed, you’re ready to submit. Our team will read it over and let you know if it’s been approved in 2–3 days.


Set up and start hosting

Plan for your camera set-up, lighting, and sound. You can also start getting to know the Zoom conference platform. Don’t worry, before you start hosting we’ll share lots of resources to set you up for success. Till then you can also check a few of our online resources here to help you get started.