Gatherings during the pandemic: What has changed?

We’re only looking at commercial spaces for now, for safety reasons. The space will only have 50% occupancy, and 25 people max. The concept of “secret location” is temporarily discontinued. In exchange for the two hours rented for gatherings, we will be promoting you and your space.

Nothing, really. Everything will function in the same way as always. For more artist-related queries, refer to our artists-related FAQs below.

Potluck will have to be temporarily discontinued as well, as it might be a little unsafe.

Without potluck, a 3-hour gathering can make people hungry. We have reduced it to two hours so that people can go eat before or after the gathering.

Just like before, walk-ins will not be allowed. Booking are to be done online as usual.

You simply have to bring your cool vibe, and help the host in setting up the lights and seating arrangement before the gathering. Then, all you have to make sure is that the show runs smoothly. We would highly recommend to attend the gathering as a guest first and then apply to volunteer so that you’re able to understand everything 🙂

Make sure you’ve updated your profile with all necessary details. Sit tight, we will get back to you as soon as we see an available slot.

About Motojojo Gatherings

Our gatherings are unlike any other gatherings in the whole of India. They were created to bring the best things of this world- art, music, stories, conversations, and good food- all under one roof. This is done through our normal gatherings, Ghummakadi Kalaakar gatherings, and Kitchen Gatherings. A maximum of 30 people can attend a gathering.
All these gatherings are 100% safe. We’ve NEVER had a single complaint of any inappropriate or creepy behavior either before, during, or after the gathering.

Our gatherings are hosted in the warm, safe space of someone’s private property like homes, dance studios, meditation and yoga centers, etc. We NEVER go for commercial spaces because an intimate, homely, and warm vibe matters to us.

Travel storytelling, poetry, and original indie music over delicious food and interesting conversations with 25-30 strangers!

7:30-10:30 pm. But sometimes it can stretch out till 11/11:30 pm as well, which is why it is important to be punctual so that the event can start and end timely.

The timing for arrival of the attendees is between 7:30-8:00pm. No one is allowed after 8 PM. We appreciate punctuality because that way everyone gets to be present for the introductions, break the ice and get to know each other.

Motojojo gatherings are an intimate affair and cafes don’t really serve that purpose.

Houses, dance studios, meditation centers, coworking spaces- basically non-commercial properties that give off an intimate and welcoming vibe.

‘Cuz it’s more fun that way! Imagine you knew all about which artists will be performing and where. No surprise, no mystery. We like to do it differently. 😉

There are no restrictions as such but a few things that you need to be aware of:

For kids aged below 6: We have a Pay What You Feel system. If the baby cries or is getting difficult to handle, please take them outside. We recognize this might be inconvenient but we do not want that the artist or the people listening to them are disturbed. As such, only bring young kids if you feel they are able to comfortably adapt to new settings.
For kids between 6-12 years: Pay 50% of the original cost. No running around or playing is allowed. They have to sit down and listen as well. If you bring them without paying for their spot, the Community Lead at the gathering will collect the amount.
Those aged 12 and up: full cost and general adulthood decorum expected. We only take online registrations for them.

It is completely safe. You need not worry. The gathering is warm and friendly and there are lots of college-going girls, married women, office-goers in the crowd. You’ll strike up a conversation with at least one of them.

– You can either directly do it from the homepage of the website under the ‘Upcoming Events’ section.
– Or if you coming through Instagram, then follow the link in our bio.

When you book, you receive a payment confirmation email from the payment gateway and then from us. The email with the address is sent out 12 hours before the gathering. So keep a constant check on all your email folders. It will also contain a link to an optional WhatsApp group where you can be added for coordination purposes and to know other attendees beforehand.

If you’ve registered with 12 hours or less remaining for the gathering, then you receive the address email and WhatsApp invite immediately.

Potluck is our attempt to infuse even more community feels within the gatherings. People bring food and drinks from their homes and create a feast in real-time through their contributions! This also frees up the host from the responsibility of feeding 30 hungry people. They can make whatever arrangements they wish on their end while getting the chance to enjoy the evening.

Anything from homemade delicacies to take-away dishes! Each gathering has quite a hungry lot. :’)

No, it is a personal choice. Bringing and sharing food only enhances the sense of community. So, if you want to be an active part of it, bring some and share some. You might turn out to be our next host for a kitchen gathering. 😉

There is a potluck system wherein attendees bring food and drinks themselves. It’s said a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, but we believe that a lot can happen over scrumptious, mouth-watering food as well.

Alcohol isn’t usually allowed at gatherings. The final call is taken by the host.

You can ask on the WhatsApp group if anyone is coming from the same or a nearby area and travel with them.

The guest list is curated to maintain the quality of each gathering. Another reason for not allowing walk-ins is that the gathering is held at someone’s private property. We cannot have any random person showing up and compromising the safety and quality.

There is no rule book as such (a bunch non-conformists and rule-breakers created Motojojo after all) but we expect all attendees to adhere by the following things:
– Reach on time.
– Paying 100% attention to the artists while they perform. They come from different cities sometimes (especially the
Ghummakadi Kalakaar). Being totally present and receptive to their art is the least we can do.
– Not bringing alcohol or smoking if the host has disallowed it.
– Walk-ins are not allowed AT ALL.
– No hovering or making a nuisance around the property.

Kitchen gatherings

While our Motojojo gatherings and Ghummakadi Kalakaar gatherings are centered around stories, music, and poetry, the Kitchen Gatherings are centered around food. A group of 20 people max gather in a house where the host is also the chef. The chef prepares delicious food for all while an indie musician mesmerizes everyone with their soulful renditions. In short: good food, music, and interesting conversations in an aesthetic setting.

The most important criteria is that you should be able to cook for and comfortably seat around 10-20 people. The remaining details are explained on the call once you are finalized as the host.

Depends on the host

You’ll receive an email from the payment gateway system and one from us as well. Check all folders- inbox, spam, promotions, social, etc. It’ll be sure to land there.

To maintain the quality of each gathering.

Ghummakadi Kalakaar gathering

Ghummakadi Kalakaar is India’s first crowd-funded artist touring initiative. With GK, our aim is to allow the cross-pollination of music to happen all over India. Moreover, we wanted to provide a dedicated platform to indie musicians who don’t have one because Bollywood songs dominate in this country. These musicians, however, create some of the most honest, heartwarming, and soulful music in the country. With Ghumakkadi Kalakaar, we want to give these musicians the platform they deserve and allow you the chance to be touched by their music as well.

Ghumakaddi Kalakaar is a crowd funded initiative. Meaning, the money that you pay to attend the gatherings is used to cover the travel, logistics, stay, and food of the artist. The artist doesn’t spend a dime on these things until they choose to or enough funds haven’t been gathered. By keeping the costs higher than the normal gatherings, we aim to ensure that the touring artist doesn’t have to worry about money and can focus on playing music and spreading joy wherever they go!

There is a touring indie artist- the Ghummakadi Kalaakar- who can be from any part of the country and closes the gathering. Theirs is the main act. An instrumentalist opens for the Ghummakadi Kalakaar. Often times, there will be a duo of musicians or a musician accompanied by a storyteller/ poet.

– Should have performed at Motojojo previously
– Should be ready to bear any costs if they arise during the tour. It is possible that s/he might not receive the appropriate amount
of crowdfunding. We’ll bear the major costs but back up funds should be there.
– Should have a unique feel to their music and outrightly recognizable musical talent. We know that this is a subjective matter and thus, we evaluate this on the basis of our audience’s indicated tastes.

Nope. You follow the usual procedures. Only the amount is higher.

Motojojo Travel

Motojojo Travel is our attempt to bring more people out of their homes and hit the road! And not just taking the road to any generic location for a generic holiday. Our travel experiences are curated to little-known and off-beat destinations where you get to indulge your senses and spirit in experiences you could not have imagined.

Ever heard of an ice-climbing festival? A photography masterclass to capture snow leopards? Rock climbing adventures? We provide all this and more! Explore here.

As of now, we offer both pre-curated and customized trips to Himachal Pradesh. The founders got the idea for Motojojo while on a trip there. So not only is it a special place for them but they know the area and its people as well.

From as little as 2 days to as long as 10 days or more, you can choose a trip that suits your calendar. Remember, we also offer customized trips whose length can be long/ short as you wish.

The refund policy for fixed dated trips is mentioned on the same page with details. However, it does not apply on any of our camps or customised trips.


If your application is successful, you will hear from us in 1-2 weeks. Due to the number of applications we receive, and depending on the city, this process may take longer. If you don’t hear from us, the chances are that your application hasn’t been approved.
We are constantly on a look-out for new acts, do send in your applications with new updated material.

Ever heard of an ice-climbing festival? A photography masterclass to capture snow leopards? Rock climbing adventures? We provide all this and more! Explore here.

At Motojojo Gatherings, we maintain a certain standard of performing arts. We go through all the entries and measure it with a parameter on those lines.
Few parameters that we maintain are – quality, and originality/uniqueness.

Poetry, Music, Stand up Comedy, Storytelling

We believe in paying artists for the amount of work/dedication that they put in for a performance.
Motojojo Gatherings work on a gate share basis where the artists get a fixed percentage of the entry fee. All of these details will be provided once the application is processed.

Motojojo Gatherings thrive entirely on pure acoustics of the performers.
We refrain from using any sort of amplification/mics. We believe that the absence of a ‘sound-setup’ naturally tends to bring in the intimacy in the Gathering that we are looking for. So any solo, duo or trio set-ups works best.

A few weeks to months. You’ll get a call back if you’re selected- this might be for an immediate gathering or one that is held after 2 months.

Our team will reach out via call and message to inform you so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any unknown number!


If the gathering has arrived and you still haven’t heard anything from us. It might be that the artists for an upcoming gathering were already finalized. If we think you’d be a suitable fit for a future one, though, we’ll be sure to get in touch.


To be selected as a musician, at least 50-60% of your work should be made of original music. A few covers are fine but you need to have an original body of work.
To be selected as a poet, your material needs to be strong in emotion and message and sit well with our usual audience tastes.
A storyteller is an everyday person who has an interesting non-fiction travel tale to tell. They are evaluated on the basis of their story. Other requisites include being able to speak comfortably in front of an audience and being able to captivate them.

It might take a few weeks or months. It all depends on whether our values are a good match and if we feel we are open to collaborating at that time. When both these pieces, we’ll reach out!

Drop us a mail at info@motojojo.co or call/ message at +91-8828881117

When this happens, you need to save our number. It is a WhatsApp policy that links from any unsaved number will not be clickable.

The address mail is sent as a part of an automated process. So, resending the mail is not possible. To avoid missing it, while booking, only enter the email address you use actively. One the booking is done, check all folders.
If you still can’t find it, drop a message a WhatsApp message at +91-828881117.


You can register yourself on the site or purchase the ticket. We specifically curate the audience for every Motojojo Gathering. Once selected, a confirmation email with the payment link shall be sent on the registered email address. Our team works hard to make sure everyone who applies has the chance to attend, so if you’re not chosen, please apply again!

We love people! You can bring along anyone you’d like to, be it friends or family.
You can also book for multiple people with the options of +1, +3, +5 (varies according to the city). You will be guided through it via the registration link itself.

Our social media i.e. Facebook and Instagram (@motojojoco) will be constantly updated with our upcoming events, their venues, and artists. Along with that, our site will also be updated with upcoming events and venues.

Yes, only people above 12 years of age will be allowed.

You can contact us directly on info@motojojo.co / +918828881117


The refund can be initiated 7 days and more prior to the event. Refund under 7 days won’t be initiated.

Payment is processed securely via Instamojo payment gateway. You can pay via Instamojo through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT, Paytm, Tez, Phone pe, etc.

All gatherings are crowd-funded. They are done for the people and by the people. Every rupee is spent in arranging logistics, bearing travel costs, and paying the hosts, artists, and community leads.
The earlier contribution of Rs. 350/- wasn’t able to cover these expenses and didn’t justify the tremendous work everyone was putting in. So, in the interest of both quality and respect, the ticket amount was increased.
A small team of less than 15 people is handling and doing it all without investors and without taking breaks on Eid or Diwali or the weekend. To keep the momentum going and to enable the members to pay their bills, we have increased the amount.
10% of the amount also goes into promotions and marketing to reach people like you. Ours is a hardcore shared economy model. It might rise again if the share needs to be increased in the future.
Every rupee you spend for the gathering is used to make it a better experience for everyone involved and that includes you first and foremost. Quality content and service in return is guaranteed.

You can open up the website, scroll down the ‘Upcoming Events’ section, click on the gathering you want to attend and follow the instructions!
If arriving from Motojojo, click on ‘Attend Motojojo Gatherings.’

Call/ message us at +91-8828881117

You can book even an hour before the gathering. But most of the times, the spots fill out quickly and way before the gathering day. So, it is recommended that you book asap if you’re sure you want to attend.

It is a one-time registration and yes, you’ll have to book each time you attend.

No, you cannot. The money collected from each gathering goes into funding that gathering and creating the best possible experience for you. The artists, hosts, and the community lead are also paid out of it. So, no on-the-spot payments.
If you feel you can’t make it to this gathering, then you can plan to attend another one where you are sure you’ll come.

We do not provide refunds if you’re unable to attend. Whatever amount is received is used to fund the gathering and the artists, host, and the community lead. If you cancel 7 days before the gathering, you are eligible for a refund. If you cancel with less than 7 days remaining, then we’ll not be able to provide a refund.


You can register yourself as a host on our site. Once selected, our team will get in touch with you.

Motojojo and the attendees are respectful toward their host and their space. Our team will be on hands and feet during the event timing. If any mishap occurs during the gathering by any guest, it will be solely their responsibility as they will be accepting our terms and conditions while registering themselves.
More details will be shared by our team once your host application will be processed.

MJ Gatherings use acoustic sound for an attentive audience, keeping the noise level in mind with the gathering ending before 11pm.
Don’t expect your neighbours to complain, simply invite them to make the best out of their evenings!

Your space should be able to comfortably accommodate 30-40 people. Drinking water and mattress arrangement should be possible and done. A friendly and welcoming disposition.


Record an audio of 7-8 minutes about your adventure and mail it to us on info@motojojo.co. The adventure could be related to anything, from local train or bicycle travel to a mountain climb!

Other Questions

Yes, we publish our content on major social networking sites recognised by many.

We do upload our content on YouTube channels.

Yes, you can, but only after 3 gatherings in you own city.
P.s.- You can perform only in your own city.

You can find both photos and videos on our Instagram page: @motojojoco


– We announce them regularly on Instagram
– Through the homepage of the website
– If you’ve saved our number +91-8828881117 and sent us your name, city, and an ‘I’d like to receive updates!’, then you would
receive them automatically whenever a new gathering is announced in your city.

Have you saved our number +91-8828881117 and said yes to receiving updates? As soon as you do this, you’ll begin receiving them.

The WhatsApp group is a 100% safe space where the location reveal happens. The host can easily communicate with the attendees, preliminary introductions can be made, and carpooling can be arranged if needed.

It is created a few days before the gathering. If you’ve booked your spot, you are sent an invite for it in the address email. Hence, being in the group is optional. After 1-2 days of the gathering, the group is dissolved.

The WhatsApp group is optional and created for coordination purposes only. If you accept the invite, you do so at your own risk. Motojojo is not responsible for any messages you receive that are unwelcomed or make you feel uncomfortable. You are free to block the person if such a thing happens

The group is created for coordination purposes only during the time of the gathering. Moreover, most people do not like to be spammed with group messages. So, we dissolve the group.

If you wish, you’ll be added to an exclusive WhatsApp group for the gathering you’re attending. Other attendees will be added as well so you can ask on the group directly.

You can drop a message on the WhatsApp group and someone would be sure to reply and help you. Else, you can also call up the host.

It is not possible to send photos personally. If we have a photographer for the evening, then they’ll first edits the photos and then upload the best of them on Facebook as albums. So, you can keep an eye there. If the WhatsApp group is still alive by that time, the link will be shared there. Please not: the photos are not uploaded immediately since the photographer gets an off day the day after the gathering.

You can:
– Follow us on Instagram @motojojoco
– Save our number +91-8828881117 and send us your name, city, and an ‘I’d like to receive updates!’ on WhatsApp to start
receiving updates.

Call at +91-8828881117

Drop us a message at +91-8828881117

You simply have to bring your cool vibe, and help the host in setting up the lights and seating arrangement before the gathering. Then, all you have to make sure is that the show runs smoothly.

Make sure you’ve updated your profile with all necessary details. Sit tight, we will get back to you as soon as we see an available slot.

Get Involved

We are always in the lookout for hosts! If you think you can be one, then register yourself on our site.

Want to be a part of us and interested in an internship? Mail us on info@motojojo.co and let the course take it ahead from there!

Apply as a host and we’ll take it ahead from there!