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Brandon Toliver

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15: A Review Of The 15th Volume Of The Popular Malay Horror Series

If you are a fan of Malay horror fiction, you have probably heard of Bercakap Dengan Jin (Talking with the Jinn), a series of supernatural horror thriller novels written by Tamar Jalis, a pseudonym of Mohd Nor Khalid, a famous Malaysian cartoonist. The series, which started in 1981, consists of 24 volumes, each containing several short stories based on the author's personal experiences and encounters with the jinn, ghosts, demons and other creatures of the night. In this article, we will review the 15th volume of the series, which contains seven stories that continue the adventures of Tamar Jalis and his grandfather, Kulup Muhamad Diah, a traditional healer and exorcist who travels around Perak to help people who are afflicted by evil spirits.

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15: A Review of the 15th Volume of the Popular Malay Horror Series



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