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In 3GPP Long Term Evolution it is specified that the maximum allowed output power of a base station is 50 mW and that a mobile station, if this is exceeded, should use a maximum output power restriction, if available. The output power of mobile stations is typically limited to less than half this, but never more than that. The use of a cap is a performance technique and not required. As of 2001, a WiFi power cap of -15 dBM, i.e. up to one Watt, is specified for wireless network devices, such as laptop, printer, smartphone etc. This limit is to prevent interference with other devices on the same frequency. However, some equipment such as: wireless garage door controllers may require as much as 10 W of power. On the internet, the website of Apple iphone ( iphone 9 ) is providing the users to download the application by logging on to the internet with a computer connected to the internet. But there is not a direct way to download the software of the iPhone 9, the users have to get to the website and click on the download link, which is provided on the iphone 9 smartphone.

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