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EAFC 24 Coins: Mastering the Squad Foundations MLS Objectives Challenge

The Squad Foundations MLS Objectives Challenge introduced by EA offers players the chance to obtain three new players for their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) roster. These players are exclusively from Major League Soccer (MLS), with the most coveted reward being the 85 OVR Jordan Morris card. In this article, we will delve into the objectives and provide tips to successfully complete the EA FC 24 Squad Foundations MLS challenge.

To conquer the EA FC 24 Squad Foundations MLS Objectives challenge, players will need to tackle four distinct challenges. These challenges can be completed by participating in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions modes. Every match played in these modes will contribute to the completion of the objectives.

The first objective requires players to achieve a primary assist. This entails setting up a goal for one of your teammates during a match. To increase your chances of completing this objective, it is advisable to utilize players with excellent passing attributes and actively create scoring opportunities for your teammates. Skilled wingers or playmakers can significantly enhance your likelihood of securing a primary assist.

The second objective, MLS 7, necessitates scoring a total of seven goals in MLS matches. This objective encourages players to explore the MLS player pool and build a team around these players. By constructing a team primarily composed of MLS players, you not only increase your chances of completing this objective but also create a thematic and cohesive squad.

The third objective, Games 6, requires playing a total of six matches. This objective rewards consistent participation and dedication to the challenge. Whether you choose to play Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, it is important to remain focused and committed to completing the required number of matches.

The final objective, Wins 5, poses perhaps the greatest challenge. It demands players to secure five victories in any of the eligible game modes. Winning matches can be a test of skill and strategy, so it is essential to approach each game with a well-organized game plan. Analyze your opponent's tactics, exploit weaknesses, and adapt your own strategies accordingly. Remember, perseverance and adaptability are key to achieving success in FIFA.

Upon successfully completing the objectives, players will be rewarded with three Squad Foundations cards: Nathan Byrne, Darlington Nagbe, and the highly sought-after Jordan Morris. These players can significantly enhance your squad, particularly Morris with his impressive 85 OVR rating. As an MLS player, Morris possesses the skills and attributes to excel in both domestic and international competitions.

In conclusion, the EA FC 24 Squad Foundations MLS Objectives challenge provides FIFA players with an opportunity to acquire valuable MLS players for their FUT squads. By completing the four goals of securing a primary assist, scoring seven goals in MLS matches, playing six games, and cheap EA FC 24 Coins winning five matches, players can unlock the rewards, including the impressive Jordan Morris card. Remember to strategize, remain persistent, and embrace the challenge as you embark on this exciting journey in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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