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How To Download And Install 7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - X64 - Prince NRVL Torrent

7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64: A Customized and Optimized Version of Windows 7

How to Download and Install 7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64 - Prince NRVL Torrent

Download File:

If you are looking for a Windows 7 version that is fast, stable, lightweight and has a stunning appearance, you might want to check out 7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64. This is a customized and optimized version of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 that was created by Prince NRVL, a well-known modder and developer of Windows themes and applications. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of this Windows 7 edition and show you how to download and install it.

What is 7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64?

7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64 is a modified version of Windows 7 that has been tweaked and enhanced for better performance and usability. It has a dark and elegant theme that covers the entire user interface, from the boot screen to the desktop icons. It also has a variety of sound effects that add to the overall experience. The theme has been added to its own theme of 350 MB.

But 7 Dark Edition 2 is not just about aesthetics. It also has many improvements and optimizations that make it faster, smoother and more stable than the original Windows 7. Some of these include:

  • Added RUN on the start menu

  • Add change theme

  • Add change wallpaper

  • Add a desktop icon settings

  • Add MSCONFIG to right of my computer

  • Advanced user accounting

  • ClearType view

  • Copy to Move to on right click

  • Disabled windows defender at startup

  • Disable hibernate

  • Disable UAC

  • Disable AutoUpdate windows media player

  • Disable Tool Tips

  • Do not mark new applications

  • Enable AVALON effects

  • Enable ClearType Tuning

  • Enable DVD in Media Player

  • Enable MP3 Encoding on right click

  • Enable slow motion windows effects

  • Enable status bar in notepad

  • Flip 3D effect (Same as windows switcher)

  • Get rid of windows mail splash

  • Give your self permission to modify all

  • Grant full admin control

  • Removed Action center Icon

  • Windows speed tweakings (Prince NRVL Registry)

  • Wait to kill service - 2000

  • Low leve hooks time out - 1000

  • Hung out application time - 1000

  • Menu show delay - 0

  • No low disk space warning

In addition, 7 Dark Edition 2 also comes with some pre-installed applications that are useful and convenient for most users. These include:

  • UTorrent

  • 7zip 9:20

  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 64 Bit

  • Adobe Flash Player Plugin 64 Bit

  • Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Lite

  • Adobe Shock Player 11.5

  • BitComet 1:23

  • CCleaner Business Edition

  • EasyBCD 2.0

  • GOM Player

  • Google Talk

  • IMG Burn

  • Java 6 Update 26

  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 9.1.0

How to Download and Install 7 Dark Edition 2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - x64?

If you are interested in trying out this amazing Windows 7 edition, you will need to download it from a torrent site. You can use the following link to download the torrent file: 04f6b60f66


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