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1000x1000 Akea Modern Birch Tree Wallpaper Roll...

Originally conceived as a conceptual piece for an exhibition at Newcastle's 36 Lime Street Gallery, 'Disorder in Stasis' is a triptych wallpaper which delves deep into the very essence of the artistic process. Using the simplest of media, artist Joel Weaver explores the relationship between artistic creation and its accidental, but nonetheless beautiful, by-products. "I made this work from ordinary black biros," explains Joel, an alumni of Damien Hirst's studio. "I'd draw a line across the canvas with a metre rule, then draw another one directly below it. Then I kept going, moving the ruler down and creating line after line. Every time I came to the end of a line, I'd wipe the excess ink from the pen onto another piece of paper beside me. "The focus of the exhibition was 'Feldspar', the main work," says Joel. "But arguably the more successful image was 'Passerine', the blotting paper by-product. Initially it was disregarded, but it went on to be one of the highlights of the show."'Feldspar' is a dense, striped design featuring around 60 hand-drawn, horizontal lines per cm. The intensity of the greys varies according to the ink levels of the countless biros Joel got through while creating the work. This wallpaper design retains its white border which includes both Joel's signature and the ragged edges of each, unique line. Passerine I and II are two different panel designs depicting the blotting paper 'workings' of Joel's process. While the black striped design brings a sense of monochromatic order, the pen markings introduce a feeling of freedom and movement reminiscent of dancing clouds of starling murmurations. The three designs together form our startling 'Disorder in Stasis' triptych wallpaper which is available as two superwide panels (Passerine I and II) and a wide 10m roll (Feldspar).With its pared-back, linear nature, 'Disorder in Stasis' lends itself particularly well to uncluttered, modernist interiors. In a commercial setting, it adopts a mural-like quality which could create the perfect focal point for a reception area or boardroom. Joel Weaver studied at Leeds College of Art and the University of Northumbria, then completed a one year fellowship in drawing where he received the prestigious Mike Holland Memorial Drawing Prize. This year he was nominated for the Kleinwort Hambros Emerging Artist prize. He has worked as a studio assistant for Ryan Gander, Damien Hirst and Carlos Rolon alongside developing his own unique art practice.

1000x1000 Akea Modern Birch Tree Wallpaper Roll...



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