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Gelstat Migraine Where To Buy

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Background: Treatment of migraine headaches is often delayed due to assessing the potential severity of an evolving headache or anticipating unwanted consequences from prescription medication. Studies have demonstrated improved pain-free response when prescription treatments are taken during the mild headache phase of a migraine. This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of an OTC product, GelStat Migraine, when taken in the early, mild pain phase of migraine.

Material/methods: An open-label study enrolling 30 subjects, male and female, with a one-year history of migraine meeting IHS diagnostic criteria with or without aura, 2-8 migraines per month and < or = 15 headache days per month. Inclusion required having migraines that consistently started at mild and worsened to moderate or severe, if untreated, in at least 75% of attacks. Subjects also had to be able to distinguish migraine from non-migraine headaches and reliably identify migraine early in the course of an attack. One headache was treated in the mild pain phase with GelStat Migraine, a combination of feverfew and ginger.

GelStat Migraine is a patented solution designed for the pain relief from migraine headaches. GelStat Migraine is a unique formulation based on the medicinal plants feverfew (tanacetum parthenium) and ginger (zingiber officinale). Feverfew and ginger contain various compounds, including sesquiterpene lactones and flavonoids, which have previously been shown to be effective anti-inflammatory agents.

Preventing migraine headache. Some research using different feverfew products (Mig-RL, Naturveda-Vitro-Bio Research Institute, Issoire, France; LipiGesic M, PuraMed BioScience, Inc., Schofield, WI; GelStat Migraine, GelStat Corporation) shows that taking feverfew by mouth can reduce the frequency of migraine headaches and reduce pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise when they do occur. Feverfew may be more effective in people with more frequent migraine attacks. But there are also studies that concluded that feverfew doesn't work for migraines. The difference in results may be explained by the differences in feverfew products that were tested. The Canadian government allows manufacturers of a certain feverfew formulation (containing 0.2% of a chemical called parthenolide) to claim that their product can be used to prevent migraines.

Feverfew is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when fresh leave are chewed. Chewing unprocessed feverfew leaves can cause mouth sores; swelling of the mouth, tongue, and lips; and loss of taste. try window._mNHandle.queue.push(function () window._mNDetails.loadTag("667441035-3", "510x175", "667441035"); ); catch (error) QUESTION Who suffers more frequently from migraine headaches? See Answer Special Precautions & Warnings Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Feverfew is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy. There is concern that it might cause early contractions and miscarriage. Don't use feverfew if you are pregnant. There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking feverfew if you are breast feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

BY MOUTH:For migraine headaches: 50-150 mg of feverfew powder taken once daily for up to 4 months has been used. A dose of 2.08-18.75 mg of a carbon dioxide extract of feverfew (MIG-99, Schaper & Brümmer GmbH & Co, Salzgitter, Germany) taken three times daily for 3 to 4 months has been used. Mig-RL (Naturveda-Vitro-Bio Research Institute, Issoire, France), a combination of 300 mg of feverfew and 300 mg of white willow, taken twice daily for 3 months has been used. Specific combination products containing feverfew and ginger (GelStat Migraine, GelStat Corporation; LipiGesic M, PuraMed BioScience, Inc., Schofield, WI) have been used to treat migraines. Two 2-mL doses have been given under the tongue 5 minutes apart. Each dose has been held under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. A second and possibly third treatment have been used one


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