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Malavikagnimitra By Kalidasa Pdf ((NEW)) Download

Malavikagnimitra (meaning Malavika and Agnimitra) is a five-act play that tells the story of the love of Agnimitra, the Shunga Emperor at Vidisha, for the beautiful handmaiden of his chief queen. He falls in love with her picture and tries to find ways to meet her with the help of his jester. The queen, however, is jealous and tries to keep them apart. The play is full of witty dialogues, humorous situations and romantic scenes. It also contains an account of the Rajasuya sacrifice performed by Pushyamitra Shunga and an elaborate exposition of a theory on music and acting.

Malavikagnimitra By Kalidasa Pdf Download

Malavikagnimitra is considered to be Kalidasas first play and it shows his skill in creating lively characters, engaging plot and poetic language. It is also a valuable source of information about the history and culture of the Shunga period (2nd-1st century BCE). The play has been translated into many languages and has inspired several adaptations in different media.

If you want to read this charming play by Kalidasa, you can download it in PDF format from various online sources. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Search for Malavikagnimitra by Kalidasa PDF download on your preferred search engine. You will find many websites that offer free or paid downloads of the play in different languages and formats.

  • Choose a website that has a good reputation and reviews. Avoid websites that ask for personal information or payment details before downloading. Also, check if the website has a secure connection (https) and a valid certificate.

  • Download the file that matches your device and preferences. You can choose between different versions of the play, such as original Sanskrit text, English translation, Hindi translation, etc. You can also choose between different formats, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, etc.

  • Open the file on your device using a compatible reader app. You can use apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Play Books, Kindle, etc. to read the PDF file on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Enjoy reading Malavikagnimitra by Kalidasa and appreciate his genius and humor.

We hope this guide helps you to download and read Malavikagnimitra by Kalidasa in PDF format. If you like this play, you can also explore his other works and learn more about Sanskrit literature.

Kalidasa: The Master of Sanskrit Literature

Kalidasa is widely regarded as the greatest poet and playwright of classical Sanskrit literature. He lived in the 4th or 5th century CE, during the Gupta dynasty, which is known as the golden age of Indian culture. His works are celebrated for their beauty, elegance, sophistication and universality. He is also admired for his mastery of various literary genres, such as epic, lyric, drama and romance.

Kalidasas works reflect his deep knowledge of various subjects, such as history, mythology, astronomy, geography, art and music. He also shows his keen observation of nature and human emotions. His works are rich in imagery, metaphors, similes and allusions. He uses various poetic devices, such as alankara (ornamentation), chandas (meter), rasa (sentiment) and dhvani (suggestion) to create a lasting impression on the readers and listeners.

Kalidasas works have been translated into many languages and have influenced many writers and artists across the world. He is considered as one of the greatest literary figures of all time and a representative of the Indian genius.

Malavikagnimitra: A Synopsis

Malavikagnimitra is a five-act play that revolves around the love affair between Agnimitra, the Shunga Emperor at Vidisha, and Malavika, a princess in disguise as a handmaiden of his chief queen Dharini. The play begins with Agnimitra seeing Malavikas portrait in a group painting and falling in love with her. He asks his jester Vidushaka to help him arrange a meeting with her.

Vidushaka provokes a quarrel between two dancing-masters, Ganadasa and Haradatta, who claim to have superior skills and pupils. Agnimitra decides to settle the dispute by holding a dance competition between their pupils. Malavika is one of Ganadasas pupils and Agnimitra gets a chance to see her in person. He is enchanted by her beauty and talent.

Dharini, however, is suspicious of Agnimitras interest in Malavika and orders her to be locked up in a secret chamber. She also sends her brother Virasena to lead an expedition against King Vidarbha, who has captured Agnimitras cousin Madhavasena. Meanwhile, Agnimitra tries to find ways to free Malavika from Dharinis custody.

In the second act, Agnimitra learns from Vidushaka that Malavika has escaped from the chamber with the help of Ganadasa. He also learns that she is hiding in the garden with another maid named Bakulavalika. He decides to go there disguised as a gardener.

In the garden, he meets Malavika and confesses his love for her. She reciprocates his feelings but is afraid of Dharinis wrath. They are interrupted by Dharinis arrival and hide behind a creeper. Dharini notices the creeper moving and orders it to be cut down. Agnimitra reveals himself and pleads for Malavikas life.

Dharini is furious and accuses Agnimitra of infidelity. She also reveals that Malavika is not a maid but a princess of Vidarbha who was captured by Virasena during a raid. She says that she has kept her as a hostage for Madhavasenas release.

Agnimitra is shocked and delighted by this revelation. He says that he will marry Malavika as his third queen according to the custom of anuloma (marrying someone of lower rank). Dharini is outraged and refuses to accept this proposal.

In the third act, Agnimitra receives a message from Virasena that he has defeated Vidarbha and rescued Madhavasena. He also sends a gift for Agnimitra: a golden bracelet that belonged to Malavikas father.

Agnimitra is overjoyed by this news and decides to celebrate by holding a Rajasuya sacrifice (a royal consecration ceremony). He invites all his queens, ministers and guests to attend the ceremony.

He also sends for Malavika and gives her the bracelet as a token of his love. He tells her that he will marry her after the sacrifice.

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