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How To Fly The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 In FSX And P3D ##VERIFIED##

Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2: A Classic Jet Airliner for FSX and P3D

The Boeing 737-200 is one of the most iconic and versatile jet airliners ever produced. It was first introduced in 1968 as a shorter, lower cost alternative to the 707 and 727 series, and it has been continuously manufactured since then, with over 8800 aircraft delivered to date. The 737-200 can carry up to 136 passengers and has a range of about 1500 nautical miles. It can also operate from short and unpaved runways, thanks to a special gravel kit modification that includes a vortex dissipater system and a nose gear ski.

If you are looking for a realistic and high quality simulation of this classic jet airliner for FSX and P3D, you should check out the Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2. This product is developed by Blackbird Simulations, powered by Milviz, and it offers an extremely detailed and accurate rendition of the 737-200 Combi variant, which can carry both passengers and cargo in various configurations. The product features:

How to Fly the Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 in FSX and P3D

Download Zip:

  • A highly detailed external model with several high quality liveries included

  • A highly detailed interior model with custom 3D gauges, realistic lighting and animations

  • A custom sound set recorded from a real 737-200

  • A very realistic flight model that accurately simulates the performance and handling of the aircraft

  • An extensive customization system that allows you to configure the aircraft according to your preferences

  • Multi-platform support for FSX: Acceleration, FSX: Steam Edition, Prepar3d v2, v3 and v4

  • Real Light & True Glass effects for P3D v4.2+

The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 is not compatible with MSFS2020, but it is compatible with a wide range of add-ons and utilities for FSX and P3D, such as Active Sky, REX, GSX, FSCaptain and more. It also comes with a highly detailed product manual that covers all aspects of the aircraft operation and maintenance.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can visit the Milviz website at The price is $49.99 USD. You can also watch a promotional video of the product on YouTube at

The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 is a must-have for any fan of classic jet airliners. It will provide you with hours of fun and challenge as you fly this versatile and adaptable aircraft to various destinations around the world. Whether you want to fly passengers, cargo or both, the Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 will deliver an immersive and realistic experience that you will not forget.

The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 also features a high quality sound set recorded from a real 737-200, which adds to the immersion and realism of flying this aircraft. You can hear the distinctive roar of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17A engines, as well as various cockpit sounds, such as switches, knobs, levers and alarms. The sound set is compatible with both FSX and P3D.

The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 also boasts a very realistic flight model that accurately simulates the performance and handling of the real aircraft. The flight model is based on real world data and tested by real pilots and engineers. The flight model takes into account various factors, such as weight, balance, drag, thrust, fuel consumption and engine wear. The flight model also replicates the unique characteristics of the 737-200 Combi, such as the different center of gravity positions depending on the payload configuration.

The Milviz Boeing 737-200 SP2 also offers a high level of detail and realism in both the interior and exterior modeling. The cockpit features custom 3D gauges that are fully functional and animated. The cockpit also features realistic lighting effects, such as flood lights, panel lights and instrument lights. The exterior model features high resolution textures, dynamic shine effects, realistic reflections and shadows. The exterior model also features various animations, such as landing gear, flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers, doors and windows. 04f6b60f66


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