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Driver Varro G41v-r3 __TOP__

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Driver Varro G41v-r3 __TOP__

Although Varro said that the proliferation of nuclear power could make the world less safe, the benefits of a safe nuclear future far outweigh the risks. Nuclear power provides us with stable energy, Varro said. Its got costs of course, but thats a trade-off we accept for the benefits. We have every right to expect that the rest of the world will be as cautious as we are, he said. Ultimately, we shouldnt expect much more of them, but we should certainly be ready for any untoward events.

We hope that the repercussions of the earthquake in Japan will not trigger a nuclear renaissance, Varro said. If you look at the trends we had over the past 20 years, we are getting closer to the point where we say, this is as far as we will go. When youre not willing to go further, then its the right time to stop, he said.

To achieve a more optimistic outlook for the world, countries can make some improvements to their energy policies to promote the use of renewables and discourage fossil fuels. Varro said one improvement could be to remove the obstacles to nuclear power. Regulatory frameworks could be adapted to ensure that nuclear power is not encumbered by unnecessary and preventable restrictions.

The world could also adopt energy storage technologies to mitigate the intermittency of wind and solar power, Varro said. A wider adoption of energy storage could allow nuclear power to play a larger role as well, he added.

I have read many a book and many a magazine article about all sorts of matters, however this was the first time I realized the extreme danger we are in at the moment and also that everything can be done on a cosmic scale, Varro said. 3d9ccd7d82


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