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The Japan qualifiers for the FIFA Ultimate Team Asia AllStars tournament took place on March 16 at the M Event Bar & Space in Shibuya, Tokyo. Catch up with the live stream replay FIFA 23 coins! The shoutcasters who were on board were Tsubasa and BunBunMaru; the latter is a renowned Famitsu writer and former Virtua Fighter 2 pro gamer. The top three players will be given a chance to participate in the FIFA Ultimate Team Asia AllStars finals held at the Avalon club in Singapore for a shot at A$10,000. Check out the photos below.

After the dust had settled, the winners were Jumpei "JUN_Fifa" Matsumoto, Kei "Kuranya" Umezu and Taiga "StanSmith" Kishi. All three of them were happy at given the chance to compete in Singapore and would go together as a team to take first place in the tournament. StanSmith added that he’s confident as he’s been studying the Australian and Singaporean players.

Each of their strategies during the qualifiers revolved around adapting to the players they were given. StanSmith said that he stuck with the 3-5-2 formation that worked to his advantage, while Kuranya had used the same dribbling and formation tactics as in his online sessions way before the tournament.

All of them said that the FIFA 23 Japanese community is small could use an improvement and more events to promote its existence. This was largely due to the Pro Evolution FIFA series being bigger in the region; the game has licensing rights for the Japanese teams from the J-League.

In any case, MMOexp Asia wishes them congratulations, as well as wish them luck for the upcoming finals. For more updates, head to the FIFA Ultimate Team Asia AllStars Tournament page buy FUT 23 coins. If you missed it, check out the replay here.


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