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The Elder Scrolls Online: Before I move on to the tips

Are you looking for easy-to-play graphics, want to be a super tank and still do some damage? Maybe you want to complete endless daily quests or even earn the title of "Worst Ink" and kill some marauders along the way? Then be sure to continue to Elder Scrolls Online Gold pay attention! Hey friends,Today's article I want to introduce to you my single-player guardian map, which allows you to spend endless hours in a relatively easy way.

Let’s start directly with the equipment. Since most of our damage comes from gained vision and heels, we'll be more defensive-minded when choosing sets. That's what we have to do because the damage will continue to mount as we progress. We use all the gear from Max Mage Glyph in Holy. As a heavy armor suit, we made five pieces of Pearlescent, one on the kyras, one on the legs, and one on the shoes to maintain maximum armor. One part each as a necklace and a ring. These three heavy pieces greatly improve our survival skills. Pearl Shine is a raid copy, which gives us the "Little Eggers" buff, which means we also take 5% less damage. The most important aspect is the five bonus, which gives us extra mana, but more importantly, it increases our damage reduction. Note that to obtain Pearlescent you will need to enter the Greysail Reef raid on High Island. The regular version of the suit is completely sufficient.

The second ring we used was the tour group ring. This heals the damage we have done and ensures our survival. We play jewels with magic damage glyphs and enchantments in all three parts of Bloodlust. As an offensive set we use Frostbis, a frost staff with a glyph of fire. The set's hands, belt, and shoulders can be obtained from the Dark Forest. Frostbis is a light set that gives us DAH for each piece of light armor we wear, some critical hit chance, but more importantly, we gain additional magic power, which we absolutely need because of the Guardian's Very poorly maintained. We also gain urgency, which we desperately need to do enough damage. Using Frostbis, we greatly increase our cold damage, both against cold enemies and those suffering from slight vulnerability. This also applies to almost every skill we have. In addition to this, there are several illusions in Endless World that further increase our magic and frost damage.

On the back bar, we play Maelstrom's Frost Staff using the weapon power barrel. We use the Frost Staff on both bars because the Warden in the Winter Cold level tree has the passive ability "Bitter Cold" that deals 12% more damage when we use the Frost Staff. We also get a 20% damage reduction when blocking via the passive skill "Ancient Knowledge" in the Staff of Destruction weapon tree.

Before I move on to the tips, I'll give you a brief overview of how to play. The Pearlescent Suit only works when another player dies. So if you're playing with two people and your companion dies, your damage is reduced by 33%. It's too much and makes your running almost feel like child's play. But how do you get this bonus in a solo photo? It’s actually very simple, we bring a companion with us. This also counts as group membership. Companions basically just sacrifice themselves for you. Better to take off all his clothes so he can die as quickly as possible. The only things he should carry are weapons and the ability to taunt his opponents. You just delete all other skills and clothes. This means he'll die instantly, correspondingly faster, and also gives you some valuable time to deal damage to yourself before coming into focus. It doesn’t matter which companion you bring. I chose Funk in this example because it was the only companion I had unlocked on this character. Note that in the first two loops, and maybe in the third, the companion is also very healthy and usually does not die. But not bad until then. Once things get serious and you get to the third circle or higher, the companions do their job brilliantly.

Next, let’s continue talking about skills. To keep the image as simple as possible, I divided the columns. All important damage skills are located in the front column, while most buffs are equipped in cheap TESO Gold the back column.

We play flames from the support tree in alliance war, woyourch we passively get greater protection, which reduces our incoming damage by 10%. We just have the ability equipped, we don't actively play it. Neither does the “Never” skill. We also make sure to put two points in “Magical Assistance” for passive abilities. This gives us another 10% more Magicka, which we can put to good use. As a second ability we use "Wrath of Winter", a frost ability that does another 30% more damage when we carry a staff that slows down the enemies and deals them with the "hypothermia" debuff.


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