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Guide To Bet Asian handicap in Football Betting

The Asian handicap offered by bookmakers is still a popular choice among many players in the country. This type of bet is diverse and offers attractive odds. If players understand football tips weekend how to analyze the Asian handicap, they can confidently place bets on this type of wager. Despite this knowledge, let's first briefly explore this type of bet.

In this article, Wintips will explain in detail about the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers. At the same time, it will help you understand more about how to interpret Asian handicap odds. So, let's get started.

What is the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers?

For some reputable bookmakers in Europe, they often excel in the 1×2 odds. Meanwhile, players there also prefer to bet on 1×2 odds. However, it's different for Asian players. They tend to favor Asian handicap bets.

Currently, whether it's European handicap or Asian handicap, all reputable bookmakers provide full coverage. However, according to the habits of the majority of players in the country, they often refer to the Asian handicap as the bookmaker's Asian handicap.

Some may think that this refers to the various types of bets provided by Asian bookmakers. However, in reality, we can understand it as Asian handicap betting or Asian football betting odds.

Currently, the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers includes two main types of bets, which are very popular. They are handicap betting and over/under betting in football.

The reason why the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers is popular and chosen by many players for betting is because of the fairness of the bet and the odds offered by bookmakers.

Once players have placed bets on the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers, even if they bet on the underdog team, the chances of winning the bet are still very high. The harder the prediction for the bet, the more players are interested in participating.

Currently, the Asian handicap offered by bookmakers is the most popular type of bet. In fact, when talking about the most attractive type of football bet, players probably only prefer to choose the bookmaker's Asian handicap.

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Is Asian handicap difficult to understand? What should be noted?

Asian handicap will be divided into 2 types of odds. Those are handicap odds and over/under odds in football. Each type of odds will have 2 forms of betting, including first half betting and full match betting.

Moreover, the odds parameters will also differ. You need to know how to read Asian handicap odds. With this knowledge, analyzing Asian handicap odds won't take much time.

For handicap odds,

The handicap odds will be the key factor in this type of odds. The team that the bookmaker considers as the favorite will give points (goals) to the weaker team (the underdog). Along with that will be the odds for the favorite and the underdog.

For over/under odds,

We will pay attention to the O/U odds, which is the goal threshold to determine the outcome of the bet. If the total goals of both teams exceed this threshold, the result is Over; otherwise, it's Under. Along with that will be the corresponding odds for Over and Under.

At the same time, you should also note to gather, evaluate, and analyze all information about both teams. Those who want more accurate analysis can rely on articles and tips for analyzing odds on the internet.

Then, compare and evaluate whether your predictions about the Asian handicap odds are accurate or not. The difficulty of analyzing Asian handicap odds depends on your abilities.

Are Asian handicap odds difficult to read?

Next, we will share some more things about Asian handicap odds. As you can see, there are 2 common types of Asian handicap odds. The difficulty of the odds lies in the odds levels that reputable bookmakers offer.

In a football match, bookmakers can offer 5 or 6 different odds levels. Each odds level contains entirely different meanings.

After the match has ended, bookmakers will base on the Asian handicap odds that you bet before. Then, they will proceed with rewards according to regulations.

Usually, we will have 4 basic types of odds levels, which are:

N (goals)

N + ¼ or N + 0.25 (goals)

N + ½ or N + 0.5 (goals)

N + ¾ or N + 0.75 (goals)

With N = (0, 1, 2,…)

For Asian handicap odds that are even goals (N goals) or differ by half a goal (N + 0.5, with N = 0) or more, reading the odds will be quite simple.

However, with odds levels having a remainder of 0.25 or 0.75 goals, players may fall into situations of winning or losing half of the bet.

Therefore, you need read football tips app to thoroughly understand and detail the Asian handicap odds. Suppose you want to choose handicap odds for betting. Search on the internet with the syntax of how to read handicap odds. Apply the same with over/under odds in football.


The process of analyzing Asian handicap odds may take some time in the preparation stage. However, after you have completed gathering information, selecting Asian handicap odds will become simpler. Besides, remember to regularly monitor the changes in Asian handicap odds. Otherwise, you will miss out on many good opportunities. Good luck!


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