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Orthocrat TraumaCAD 2 0: A Web-Based Software for Orthopedic Planning

Orthocrat TraumaCAD 2 0: A Web-Based Software for Orthopedic Planning

Orthopedic surgery is a complex and challenging field that requires careful planning and preparation. Surgeons need to have access to accurate and reliable tools that can help them simulate their expected results, measure and manipulate implants, and create reports and documentation. However, traditional methods of orthopedic planning, such as using paper templates or rulers, are time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to errors.

That's why Orthocrat, a leading provider of digital orthopedic solutions, developed TraumaCad, a web-based software that enables orthopedic surgeons to plan their surgeries quickly and efficiently. TraumaCad is the most widely used digital orthopedic tool in the world, with more than 700 installations in over 40 countries. It can be integrated with any PACS network, allowing surgeons to access and manipulate digital images from any device and location.

Orthocrat TraumaCAD 2 0


TraumaCad 2 0 is the latest version of the software, which offers new and enhanced features that make orthopedic planning even more intuitive and accurate. Some of the highlights of TraumaCad 2 0 include:

  • 3D multi-planar reconstruction: This feature displays three two-dimensional images and a comprehensive 3D view that guides surgeons through all pre-surgical planning steps while allowing total freedom in visualizing clinical decisions.

  • Trauma surgery: This feature improves implant manipulation with visualization of plate-bending techniques, a wide variety of locking plates, and grouping of implants and fragments.

  • Spinal surgery: This feature facilitates preoperative planning for spinal deformity corrections, offers vertebra numbering and labeling, and simplifies implant positioning.

  • Total hip replacement: This feature incorporates a center-of-rotation tool and allows surgeons to visualize wear measurements, projected leg lengths, offset changes, cup abduction, and stem version.

  • Knee replacements: This feature includes a tibia cutting tool.

  • Foot and ankle procedures: This feature provides multiple measurement tools, including a wizard that assists in planning accurate foot osteotomies.

  • Enhanced pediatric tools: This feature incorporates the Paley Growth Calculator module to predict the growth potential of children's bones.

TraumaCad 2 0 also provides a template library with almost 4,000 implant families that is automatically and continuously updated. Surgeons can request a template be created for any implant free of charge. Additionally, TraumaCad 2 0 offers more reporting options, including patient positioning.

TraumaCad 2 0 is a powerful and user-friendly software that can help orthopedic surgeons plan their surgeries with confidence and precision. It is available in different licenses tailored to the needs of individual users and small practices or large hospitals and institutions. Users can also sign up for a free 30-day trial to experience the ease that orthopedic templating software can bring to their surgical workflows.

To learn more about TraumaCad 2 0 or to request a demo, visit [^1^] or call +1 800 784 7700. 29c81ba772


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