Let's make some music and put you

Releasing a song, while nerve-racking, is the most important stage of every artists’ career.

Send us your track, and Motojojo can get it released for you!

1. Address your mail to music@motojojo.co
2. Attach an audio of your song (phone recorded, or studio recorded- kuch bhi chalega!), the lyrics and describe it in a few words.
3. Add a few lines about you as an artist, and the kind of music you make.
4. Hit send.

  1. You send us a scratch of your song but along with your music, we want to know about who you are as an artist and what your story is. 
    So make it count! Inspire us, and get it approved!
  2. Next up, we’ll understand your requirements, your budget, and most importantly, your vibe. Then, we propose a plan and our offerings.
  3. A crowdfunding ticketed event will be hosted where you’ll perform for a curated audience. The profits will go towards making your music.
  4. Then comes the most exciting part of making your music with a curated team of Musicians, Producers, Sound Engineers, Illustrators, Filmmakers and pretty much everyone we’d need in this process.
  5. Finally, your song will be released on all the streaming platforms and the video on your YouTube Channel. Along with that a grand promo launch gathering will be hosted where you’ll perform this song live to an intimate, curated audience.
  • Music Production- Mix and Master of the Song
  • Cover art- graphics, illustrations, and making a poster matching your vibe.
  • Video Production (Lyrical/Animated/Conceptual)
  • Song to be released on all the platforms (All the rights remain with the Artist)
  • Video release on Artist’s YouTube Channel
  • Marketing and PR of the song
  • Pre and post crowdfunding shows that will help us cover costs

    But not just that, we have something more up our sleeves to offer!
  • The video can be released on Motojojo’s YouTube channel (only if it goes with the narrative of our brand)
  • We might offer you to go on a tour with us across India as our next Ghumakkadi Kalakaar to promote your song.
  • If the requirement is felt, we could look for sponsors to fund your song as well.

Let’s hustle together, and give the world the kind of quality music they deserve.
You bring the talent, we bring the resources!

“On The Charts” is Motojojo’s Talent Management wing conceptualized after creating a community of over 2,000 artists across the country. It is our way to help our artist community Connect-Fund-Network to create and get their music out. 

Why produce your song this way?
People wonder, “Why should I not simply put my song out on social media? Why give quality so much attention?” Often, thinking it’s indie music, we just don’t give quality so much attention. In the name of “independent” and “raw”, we deprive our music of the scale it deserves.
Your music has a lot of potential, a lot of heart. Don’t settle for less, GO BIG!
Show the world what India’s indie scene has to offer. We want to do your song justice.

We have developed an elaborate, simple process in which an artist’s tracks can be created from scratch, launched and marketed by us and our community of  musicians, producers, sound engineers, illustrators, filmmakers and pretty much everyone you’d need, including PR support too. We want to hustle with you, together, all hands on deck.

Nikal gaana bindaas, kyu baitha local hai?
Tension na le, apni community vocal hai!

P.S. As a brand, or corporation, or even an individual, if you are looking to have a customized song made for you, tell us about your requirement here. We have a variety of artists of different ranges available to suit your vibe.

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