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"Athato Ghummakkad Jigyasa"

The relentless curiosity of a traveller. 

This is the phrase from a scripture written about Ghummakkad (traveller). A traveller is someone who respects all cultures, religions, traditions, and who is willing to experience is all. We believe travel and being a traveller is a mindset. A traveller need not be someone who has travelled to n number of countries etc, but someone who lives the lifestyle of a traveller, to explore in their daily life. 

With Motojojo Outdoor Community we want to explore new places, traditions, ethnicities, and also pick some of it with us, learn and evolve.

We provide you with three services in Outdoor Travel space. Each of them are highly curated by people from different backgrounds, photographers, foodies, people with high public relation capabilities, awara we can call them.  

  • What is the starting cost to customise a gig?
    It can be customized according to your budget.
  • Can you arrange the whole production setting for the event?
    Yep, for a small fee.
  • Is it refundable if our plans change?
  • I have a last-minute enquiry, is it possible to customise at this point?"
    We’ll try our best.
  • How do I select an artist for my gig?
    Get in touch with us!
  • I want to attend your gathering, how do I register?
    Hello! Thank you for showing interest in being a part of our community :) You can grab your spot here:
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