Outdoors with Motojojo: A journey into the unknown

Four people sleeping on a rock under water and relaxing

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. Our team has always been enthusiastic about traveling and the spirit is to always say yes to new adventures. Yeh khuli hawayein, prakrati ka sparsh, ufff!

Outdoors with Motojojo is a raw, experiential camping escapade by Motojojo. Very intimate, very serene, and very raw, this outdoor gathering takes place overnight in a secret location away from the bustle of the city. But how did it all happen? What was the idea behind it? Let us tell you a story…

A few years ago, on an impromptu road trip in a Mahindra Thar, Sunny and Bryan stumbled upon a splendid patch of land. Picture it- tall, green grass, a bright, blue sky, a  clear lake, and the bliss of quiet and seclusion. It’s like music to our eyes!

On the drive back, Sunny casually mentioned to his friend, Kushank, whose family owned the land, “I’ve always dreamt of owning a campsite exactly like that one.” What came next shook them completely- Kushank was very happy to lend them that part of the land for free! They knew exactly what they were going to do with this campsite.

People dancing at the campsite with light bulbs around them and a musician performingThe idea was simple- The same concept of MJ gatherings, under a sky full of stars. In a super intimate setting away from the urban sham and city noise, under a blanket of stars, with a bonfire, an indie musician/ band to jam to, tents to sleep in, and a lake to swim in the following morning- it would be a much more intimate form of a gathering. And instead of spending merely 3 hours together at someone’s house, people would have a chance to bond overnight, accompanied by nature’s serenity. 

And they decided to call it Outdoors with Motojojo.

Before long, Sunny and Bryan were back in Lonavala, navigating through acres of village land, completely lost and clueless. After driving around Susale for an eternity, they stopped at a newly opened dhaba, Arohi. The owner, Ram, jogged to their car and asked if they needed direction. All Sunny had was one picture of a tree in that farm, which he showed to Ram.

Ram excitedly kick-started his bike and said, “Follow me!” Skeptical, but desperate, they followed. Before they knew it, they had reached the exact same spot. Standing under the exact same tree, Ram asked, “Photu is ped ki hi hai na?” (The picture is of this tree itself, right?) They were mad happy. They had arrived at their dream destination.

Hay grass field with sun shining above them

Sunny and Ram became friends in no time. Ram was fascinated by the idea of outdoor gatherings, of people coming to the little village, by Bryan’s dreadlocks, and most of all, at the prospect of creating a small economy in collaboration with Motojojo in the village itself! They decided that the villagers could handle the food and hospitality, bringing a touch of the local culture to the campsite. Little did they know that they had created a team of shooters- Ram and his mates with their hard work, Ram’s wife with her charm, and Ram’s mother with the most delicious food and homemade masalas that people would travel all the way to Lonavala over and over again for. The villagers gathered to help clear the land, making it ready to be camped on.

Shortly, people started showing up for the very first Outdoors with Motojojo. The peaceful seclusion, the intimate setting, the calming vibe, and of course the raw experience of being outdoors, embracing the village lifestyle- these were the reasons why the campsite was such a hit! Oh, and of course, Ram’s mom’s homecooked food.

Four people sitting around a bonfire at night and laughing together

Soon, a new campsite was undertaken by the team. It was a splendid spot, even prettier than the previous one! All operations were executed by Ram and his people, for which they were paid 70% of the total profits. They had all become one big, happy family, supporting each other.

Today, Ram and Sunny co-own their own campsite. We’ve successfully hosted 3 seasons of Outdoors with Motojojo over the last 3 years, each one more intimate and serene than the one before.

These past few months, we’ve all been a little lost. Let us help you find yourself again, into the wild, far away from the chaos. With the necessary safety measures, we’re now reopening bookings for Outdoors with Motojojo! No, we ain’t kidding! You can book a private outing with your gang and experience a magical getaway on our beautiful farm. And did we mention you can book any artist you desire? And not to forget that you’ll also get a chance to taste aunty’s special chicken gravy and mix veggies 😉 Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

So what are you waiting for? Bring in your inquiries to us and we shall book your private campsite getaway right away!

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