We are back in action with #OutdoorsWithMotojojo Season 4,
with all safety measures in check!

No more staying holed up in your room, doing zoom calls, and eating junk.
Unlearn the quarantine lifestyle, and get back into the wild.
Get out and breathe in the fresh air of nature.

Overnight Camping

Location: Maharashtra
(Secret Location b/w Mumbai & Pune)

Unravel Himachal!

Location:Β Himachal Pradesh
(Manali & Narkanda)

MJ Sails

Location: Mumbai

Unravel Kashmir

Location: Kashmir

Unravel Ladakh

Location: Ladakh

MJ Walks

Location: TBA

A raw, experiential escapade in a secret location,
this is a one-of-a-kind getaway experience.

Hurry up and book your spot now!

P.s. You can also book a personalized trip with your gang- friends and/or family, and book your choice of indie artist for the night, adding the magic of live music to your evening.
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