Prerequisites specific to Online Gatherings

Like in-person experiences, Online Experiences must meet the quality standards for experiences and be approved by Motojojo. In addition, every online experience must meet the following requirements:

Live: Online Experiences should be live and not be pre-recorded.

Participation: Online Experiences should be interactive between Host(s) and Guest(s)This means that guests should have the opportunity for some kind of participation at home (e.g. doing yoga, cooking in their own kitchen, drawing along with the host and sharing their work with each other).


  • Guests should not need to leave their homes or property in order to complete an experience. Hosts should comply with all local restrictions with respect to quarantine and/or social distancing.
  • Experiences should only require minimal supplies to participate that are easily available to people in their homes. Though one can always bring in food and beverages!

Respect other people’s work: Hosts should not use music, books, video, art, or other copyrighted works that they didn’t create without securing the necessary rights, licences, and permissions.

When using Zoom, hosts should not:

  • Use the Zoom account created for their online experience for anything other than their experience.
  • Record (including audio or video) live sessions of their experience.
  • Take or share photos or screenshots of their experience without the permission of all participants. Hosts may not take or share any photos or screenshots when children are in attendance, regardless of whether they have permission. There are no exceptions.

When guests are late, hosts are allowed to:

  • Reject guests from entering the Zoom meeting. Guests won’t be able to receive a refund according to our Experiences Guest Refund Policy, but will still be able to leave a review. Hosts will be able to leave public responses to any guest reviews.

To ensure the privacy and safety of our community, hosts should not:

  • Collect, ask, or encourage guests to reveal personally identifying or contact information (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses/locations).
  • Discuss, ask, or encourage others to discuss health information (e.g. whether they’ve been tested, if someone in their family is sick, etc.).
  • Target children as the audience for their experience, or use a child as a host or co-host of the experience.
  • Allow a minor (under the age of 18) to attend the experience without a parent or guardian present.

Online experiences that don’t meet any of the above requirements may be removed from Motojojo.

In-person experiences previously published on Motojojo can’t be converted into an online experience. If you want to adjust your in-person experience to offer it online, or want to submit a new idea for an online experience, you can do so on the Online Experiences page.

These requirements may be updated as we continue to adapt to the circumstances of each region.

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