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WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET ‘KIDNAPPED’? #LetsBeginThePartyToTheEnd is a mass kidnapping of 40 courageous and सख्त (Sakht) hoomans to a secret destination between Mumbai and Pune.

THE PLAN: Live Original Music, BBQ , local authentic food (dinner and morning breakfast), a forest hike to a lake in the morning are arranged by your kidnappers (i.e your Motojojo Community)

Motojojo Community had kidnapped 60 travellers last year to bring in the new year. So we have come with yet another kidnapping plan for this new year. So lets get lost in the wild and brave a kidnapping to reach this beautiful place and return by being more joyful than ever.
A new secret location, explorations, and much more! Looking for the BEST WAY to spend your New Year’s Eve?

Read on…
‘Outdoors with Motojojo’ is for one n’ all where not only do we give you a camping experience to bring in the new year, BUT we give you an anti-glam camp experience right in the rawness of nature where you get to meet others like you, experience the wild beauty that the forest carries, and bid goodbye to 2020 having a memorable experience like no other! Experience the anti-glam camp with travel stories, music, new friends, n’ conversations under the stars. This is the time to step out, to see clearly and to hear what the sounds of nature have to tell.



  • Refreshments, Barbecue & dinner on Day 1 (Veg/N. Veg)
  • Live music performance by independent artists
  • A 5-minute trek in the morning to have breakfast and swim at the lake on Day 2 (subject to change as per health measures)
  • Paced out accommodation in sanitized tents & sleeping bags (Tents on individual basis for people travelling alone) in an open field surrounded by mountains and forest
  • Sharing stories at the bonfire
  • Local support and private assistance
  • Basic First Aid
Transport can be arranged for with an additional cost.
P.s. – This is a non refundable camping trip.

You will be learning to pitch your own tent (in case you don’t already know), and it will be yours for the night. All the tents will have a max of 2 occupants (if you’re coming with someone). If you are an individual ticket and coming to the event alone, you will be allotted a tent for yourself which won’t be shared.

Sleeping Bags:
Each individual shall be provided with a clean sleeping bag.

Essentials to carry:
– Face masks
– Hand sanitiser
– Sweatshirt/ hoodie/ sweater/ jacket- something to stay warm
– A cap
– A change of clothes
– A towel (for the swim)
– Water bottle (Water will also be provided at the campsite)
– Snacks and munchies
– Insect repellent cream
– Personal medication if any
– Toiletries
– Torch
– Shoes (always on)

Medical Conditions:
Medical conditions & requirements, if any, must be brought to notice of the organizer immediately after completion of booking. Contact details are provided at the bottom.

Toilets / Restroom:
Our campsite is truly based in the wilderness. But keeping the health and hygiene factor in mind due to the pandemic, we have a properly built toilet in a room 2 minutes away from the campsite.

Our campsite is designed to deliver a raw experience & we don’t intend to make any permanent development on the land as it takes away the wholesome experience of the campsite. We gotta protect nature at all costs!

We would recommend joining us in attending nature’s call in a more natural way 😉



Secret Location (75 kms from Pune and 140 kms from Mumbai)

P.s. – Not Pawna or Bhandardhara!

Exact location will be revealed on mail 48 hours before the camp.

Outdoors with Motojojo is a raw, experiential camping escapade by Motojojo. Very intimate, very serene, and very raw, this outdoor gathering takes place overnight in a secret location away from the bustle of the city. In a super intimate setting away from the urban sham and city noise, under a blanket of stars, with a bonfire, live independent music, tents to sleep in, and a lake to swim in the following morning. And instead of spending merely 3 hours together at someone’s house, people would have a chance to bond overnight, accompanied by nature’s serenity.

P.s. Ram and Sunny co-own the campsite. All operations are executed by our local Ram and his people, for which they are paid 70% of the total profits. Through this, we have created a small economy in the village itself, growing together as we go ahead.


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