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Once registered, you will receive all the details 12 hours before the gathering on your registered email address along with the community pledge and a WhatsApp group invite link. Please register only with a valid email ID and WhatsApp number, and keep a tab on your inbox, spam, and promotion section.

We are coming to Hyderabad on Sunday, 7th March’21 with a community gathering- an evening filled with interesting conversations, like-minded people, some delightful indie music and real-life travel stories by our featured artists.

We believe that women are the real architects of our society. They build us up, form us into a community, and strive to get better every day. A woman’s journey has been a long one, from being oppressed to becoming empowered. Women’s Day is nothing but a celebration of this journey, and to inspire women of our generation to keep moving ahead, and unleash their full potential into everything they do.

Pocket your phones, get comfortable, and get set to be absorbed and to know the unknown taking back travel stories, memories & new friends!

Only 20 seats available. Social distancing will be practised.

Where: Jubilee Hills (It is a secret location and entries will be given only to those who register; on the spot bookings are strictly not allowed. Gatherings will not be taking place in people’s houses for safety purposes for now. They will be conducted in art spaces and other commercial spaces. Precautions will be taken, and area will be sanitized. House gatherings will reboot as and when the situation improves.)

When: 7th March’21, 7.30 pm -10 pm

Contribution: Rs. 500/- (Non refundable)

Special Women Line-up: Original Music, Poetry, Travel Stories

What is a Motojojo Gathering?
A Motojojo Gathering is an intimate community gathering where upcoming indie artists perform in unique spaces to an intimate audience who loves art and travel.
Present in more than 15 cities, Motojojo gatherings are a way to get lost in the magic of stories, poetry, and original music, and to inspire people to know the unknown.
To make sure new and talented artists are encouraged to continue their journey to spread happiness through their art and are respected, contributions in the form of tickets booked by the guests go to the artists performing. The artists, as well as the audience is curated to ensure a vibe’s created between like-minded people. Guests arrive on time for the first act and stay for the entire show.
Travel stories are from common people (not necessarily pro artists) based on real-life, raw experiences, ranging from an incident in the local transport/city to climbing a mountain, swimming a sea to exploring any part of the world.


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