Kalakaar Hai Taiyaar #4 : Shaam-E-Sangeet


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Once registered, you will receive all the details 12 hours before the online gathering on your registered email address along with the community pledge and a WhatsApp group invite link. Please register only with a valid email ID and WhatsApp number, and keep a tab on your inbox, spam, and promotion section.

‘Kalakaar Hai Taiyaar’ is our emotion. It is an emotion to get Friday nights back to being lively with wonderful artists out there who are waiting to perform again with an intimate and a like-minded set of audience, digging out a way to connect with every soul virtually, when it’s not possible substantially.

We are coming with an online gig on Friday, 15th Jan’21 with a community gathering- an evening filled with interesting conversations, like-minded people, some delightful indie music by our featured artists. Immerse into a supremely mystic experience. Let the magic of words and music teleport you into another world and rise the inner peace within.

Get comfortable, and get set to be absorbed and to know the unknown taking back love, memories & new friends!

Where: Zoom
When: 15th Jan’21, 10 pm onward
Contribution: Rs. 250/- 
Line up: Opening by Jatin Khurrana, followed by Kaustubh Hile, and Shubham Jadhav with his original music, hosted by Upendra Singh.

Featured Artist – Shubham Jadhav:

Shubham J is a 23-year-old Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, and Performer from Mumbai. He writes and sings Love Songs and also tells stories through his music that reflects his Life Experiences by Normalising Imperfections. He is a TedX Performer and also has produced more than 200 songs to date. He also wrote, produced, and Composed a Song “Iltija” which was licensed and integrated into a Short Film titled “Written & Directed By” starring Akashdeep Arora of FilterCopy that was released on Disney+ Hotstar.

Opening Artist – Jatin Khurana

Jatin Khurana is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai. Passionate about narrating stories about his journey and the world through his artistic lens.


Featured Poet – Kaustubh Hile:

Kaustubh Hile is a Poet, Lyricist, Writer, Film Director & Live Performer. He is also a fluent polyglot and writes in Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, English, and Malayalam has made various shorts that have gained more than 1 million views on YouTube, awarded Bronze Medal for Story Writing by Mumbai University, and also has worked with various Influencers and Celebs like BeYouNick, Tushar Khair, Chinmayee Sumeet & Gaurav Ghatnekar for his Content.

Host – Upendra Singh

Although formally trained as an engineer, people have seen Upendra in the roles of a counselor, recruiter, event organizer, performer, anchor, editor, and writer at various points of my life. The hobbies he indulges in are finding work and subsequently avoiding it.

What is ‘Kalakaar Hai Taiyaar?’

KHT is Motojojo’s initiative to tell the people all around the country that our artist community is ready to perform, but, due to these uncertain times the event industry has shifted to a virtual platform and it’s not going to stop our artist community to shine on. Our zoom gatherings is our attempt to get these blessings before the weekend hits, where we want to get artists from around the country and showcase them to everyone featuring India’s best talent across.

KHT will be promoted organically with the help of artists and the community without any ads, to keep the community authentic and organic and get some great listeners to connect via zoom.

We would not want anybody to be unsafe, hence we’ve gotten virtual. The MJ community thrives and breeds via gatherings and entertainment and be at peace, while the revenue is shared across the artist line-up and us.

The idea is to create serious online listeners for such shows, the ones who really respect and love the Indie scene!

These gatherings will happen from 10 to 12 on Friday nights, every week with a new and special line up.



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