Motojojo Gatherings

Our gatherings are unlike any other gatherings in the whole of India. They were created to bring the best things of this world- art, music, stories, conversations, and good food- all under one roof. This is done through our normal gatherings, Ghummakadi Kalaakar gatherings, and Kitchen Gatherings.

Outdoors with Motojojo

Outdoors With Motojojo is our attempt to bring more people out of their homes and hit the road! And not just taking the road to any generic location for a generic holiday. Our travel experiences are curated to little-known and off-beat destinations where you get to indulge your senses and spirit in experiences you could not have imagined.

Ever heard of an ice-climbing festival? A photography masterclass to capture snow leopards? Rock climbing adventures? We provide all this and more! Explore here.

Book Your Kalakaar

Gather your own family and friends, your colleagues, or your vibe tribe — no matter where you are and book one our Artists to have one memorable Event. Customize your Gathering in whichever way you want!

On The Charts

On The Charts is Motojojo’s Talent Management wing conceptualized after creating a community of over 2,000 artists across the country. It is our way to help our artist community Connect-Fund-Network to create and get their music out. 

Why produce your song this way?
People wonder, Why should I not simply put my song out on social media? Why give quality so much attention? Often, thinking it’s indie music, we just don’t give quality so much attention. In the name of “independent” and “raw”, we deprive our music of the scale it deserves.
Your music has a lot of potential, a lot of heart. Don’t settle for less, GO BIG!
Show the world what India’s indie scene has to offer. We want to do your song justice.

Kalakaaron ki Addebaazi

We present to you,“Kalakaaron ki Addebaazi”, a virtual open mic for the artist community.

The artist community is our fuel for the soul that keeps Motojojo afloat and helps us fabricate beautiful experiences to cherish and make this platform stronger together.

Let's Grow Together

Motojojo brings to you #letsgrowtogether where we welcome you to collaborate with us and let us help you grow your business using the power of digital media.
From content marketing to email marketing to SEO and everything else, utilizing the required social media platforms and targeting the right audience, we provide you with all the necessary marketing and branding tools in a flexible budget.