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Meet Sunny

Very soon in his life, Sunny found the traveler within him. He started his journey on his cycle, then on his bike, traveling across states, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures. He has explored all terrains- the mountains, the beaches, the deserts, and the forests. A 29-year-old nomad, today he has his own platform to take the world on travel adventures with him.


Meet Khushank

Khushank is a nomad who has been chasing the unknown for years now. His passion drove him to working in the travel domain for the last 8 years! So far he has travelled to 28 countries around the world, and almost all of India. He has led tours in more than 20 countries, and curated trips for more than 5,000 please. After doing solo expeditions to Spiti & Ladakh in his Mahindra Thar, he is now ready to take you on the ultimate overlanding tour- #UnravelLadakh


Overlanding is a one-of-a-kind travel adventure experience. On-roading and off-roading on a variety of terrains in your car, this trilling trip is all about the journey, not the destination. Motojojo is here to urge you to take your car out of the parking lot, fill up the tank, and come on an adventure with us. Explore some of the most scenic routes around the country in the rawest, wildest way possible.


Mumbai - Leh Mumbai

9th Aug'21 - 28th Aug'21



Wherever you go, you want to meet like-minded strangers from different walks of life. People who match your vibe, who you can exchange stories with, make conversation with. Motojojo’s Community is created in exactly this way.

A little ways away from your comfort zone, you discover an entire community made just for you.

Throw these people into a bus and send them away to a serene, isolated mountain top, and voila, a community travel trip is formed.


Then apply now to get selected!


Why go through a curation process?
Community travel is impossible without curation. To understand your vibe, and hook you up with your tribe, we’d love for you to fill this form. Once we go through it, those selected will be receiving an email/ a call from us, to finalize their spot.
How to apply- Hit the button up and fill up the form. It will help us curate the entire trip. Getting someone along with you? Share this link with them as well! And if you’re a group of 4 or more, you can always customize your personalized trip.

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