Unravel Ladakh - For Our Curious & Adventurous Community

Travel with the community at just Rs. 26,130/- + 5% GST PP

Batch Dates:

Volume 1: Jojo’s Unite
30th May’21 – 5th June’21
27th June’21 – 3rd July’21

Volume 2: All Women (Spl Edition)
6th June’21 – 12th June’21
4th July’21 – 10th July’21

Volume 3: 30 & Under
25th July’21 – 31st July’21
1st Aug’21 – 7th Aug’21

Volume 4: 25 & Above
29th Aug’21 – 4th Sept’21
5th Sept’21 – 11th Sept’21

Travel with the community at just Rs. 26,130/- + 5% GST PP

What to expect?

Curated specially by Team Motojojo for our curious & adventurous community.

Raw, Local Experiences

Explore the local life and culture.

Hello Mummy

Find the only Mummy in India.


Explore spirituality with 5-Dham Yatra.


Re-live childhood by Chandratal Lake.


Trek through the unknown upto Dhankar Lake.

Authentic Food

Enjoy simple and delicious local food.

While exploring Spiti, be a traveller, not a tourist!

To us, Himalayas always meant lush-green forests, snow-capped high mountain peaks and hills covered with greenery. A trip to Spiti Valley, the perspective was changed. Spiti Valley, located across the main range of the Himalayas, is full of barren hills, bare mountainsides, rough terrain, and more like a dry desert. We fall short of words in describing the captivating beauty of Spiti Valley. It is a land lost in time, like a place that humanity forgot about. Spiti valley is so tranquil that you could hear your heartbeat, skies so clear that you could spot Milky Way with naked eyes, people so amazing that they touch your heart and soul, and the land so old that you could still find evidence of Tethys Sea that existed during Mesozoic era.

No more staying holed up in your room, doing zoom calls, and eating junk. Unlearn the quarantine lifestyle, and get back into the wild. Get out and breathe in the fresh air of nature.Rejuvenate!

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