MJ Indie Spotify Playlists – a playlist for all your moods

Music is the most powerful tool to tune your mood with. Music is what feelings sound like. You hear a happy song, and your heart’s spruced up. You hear a sad song, and you automatically sync into melancholy. From dancing on Sheila ki jawani to crying on Kahin toh hogi woh, we always have a specific playlist for all our different moods. Our music is what defines us, shapes us, and shelters us on the toughest of days.

Let’s just say, playlists are the new love letters.Β 

Music has always had our back. And keeping your mood swings in mind we have curated all sorts of playlists to feed your soul. From breakup to patch-up, from happy, festive days to sad-boi hours- you name it, we have it. And as we are mainly an indie community, we’ve handpicked songs from the finest indie artists to curate an exclusive playlist for you. We know how tough it is to scour through hundreds of songs before you find that one song that hits you right in the feels. So we thought we’d make that part easier for you. After a long break away from gatherings [ πŸ™ ], we want to get you back in sync with our local “kalakaar” vibe by curating a special playlist, with a new #songoftheday everyday ✨


On some days, all you need is a pick-me-up of wholesome, happy songs that make the rest of your day full of positive vibes and cheer. These songs will make you want to get out of the bed and start living. It’ll restore lost hope, bring back that bright smile and give you all the energy you need to get. shit. done. We’ve come up with a playlist full of such songs.

Here’s a sneak peak into what you might find in it-

Aao Chalein- Taba Chake

The way Taba Chake smiles as he sings the simplest, most catchy songs, and the emotions he conveys through them, it’s everything we live for! Aao Chalein is one of our favourite songs of his. It makes us wanna pack our bags and leave for the mountains, frolicking and humming Aao chalein hawaaon ke sang, chal chale pyaar me hum.

Waqt Ki Baatein- Dream Note

This song has actually helped us through some really tough times. It’s the Bollywood equivalent of Aas Paas Khuda. This song is all about hope and that light at the end of the tunnel. To anyone reading this who is actually going through some stuff right now- Plug your headphones in, lie down, hit play and shut your eyes. Everything is gonna be okay.

Aaftaab- The Local Train

Do we even need to say anything about this song? P.s. I had the fortune to listen to them perform this song live and you can imagine the kind of intimacy I share with this song now. Etched in my heart forever. Do give it a listen.

Raat Raazi- Prateek Kuhad

When Kuhad sings, Ye zulfon ka andhera jo chaa gaya, mai kho gaya, we felt that. We all know exactly what he’s talking about. The best thing about this song is the sheer simplicity of it, and the transparency of the emotions it delivers..

Khoj- When Chai Met Toast

Everything about this song is beautiful. This Kochi band came into our lives, and blew us away completely. The playlist would be incomplete without Khoj.

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We’ve all been through our fair share of the Devdas phase, those sad hours spent looking out the window, watching the rainfall, dramatically putting on sad songs, and living like we’re in a music video. Come on, how many times after your recent breakup did you play Cold/Mess, honestly? When sadness grips us tight, and we feel like nobody would understand, music not only articulates our feelings precisely, but it also heals us in so many ways.Β 

Follow us as we take you through the mellow in melancholy. FYI, here are our absolute favs from the list:


When Tanmaya said Kya tum naraz ho was β€œ an uncomfortable feeling, a feeling of always walking on eggshells around someone and constant fear of upsetting that one person who was supposed to protect and love me.” I FELT THAT! Her voice got us feeling some kind of feeling we can’t describe.


Talash sunte sunte aap khudki talash mein nikal jaoge! Rabbi’s heavenly voice and his beloved keyboard are what keep us going through hard times.


Choo Lo ne sab ka dil chua hai- for almost 5 years now! Khada hu aaj bhi wahi, ke dil fir bekaraar hai. And can we just take a moment for Dilnawaz?


I mean a sad playlist is incomplete without a Prateek Kuhad song, c’mon! But here’s two of his underrated, lesser-known songs, and some of our favorites of him. Is it just us, or does Go feel like an epilogue to Pause?


We came across this song while watching a web series and fell in love with it right then and there! Tumhare jaane ke baad, koi ghar aaya nahi. Uffff, we all know what he’s feeling here.

And, and had to add Osho Jain and Ankur Tiwari’s vibe too x

Get ready with a tub of chocolate ice cream, and put on your headphones to feed your soul with music and food while you soak in your emotions.

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The one thing we’ve missed the most through this year has to be road trips. Can you picture it too? That looong drive from Bombay to Lonavala, one arm out of the window forming waves like a scene straight out of ZNMD, and the other grabbing a Datta vada pav, looking at the picturesque view ahead while humming tunes of your favourite songs. That absolutely liberating feeling of the wind hitting your face as the car goes at 80kmph, oof! Major missing. At this point, car rides to the grocery store feel like a mini trip too.

The first thing we do the moment we enter the car is say, β€œBro, pass the aux na…” Because no ride is complete without a cool car playlist. And good music, along with good company and snacks, make the three pillars of the β€œperfect road trip”. While you may have good company and snacks arranged, we have arranged the music bit for you. We’ve compiled some of the best indie road trip songs that will make your journey ten folds more spectacular. Here’s some tracks you can expect to find on Riding Shotgun// Road tripping-

People- Nikhil D’souza

This is, without a doubt, in our top 10 ultimate songs to play on a road trip. And that is simply because every time we hear this song, it fills us up with this happy, lively feeling inside. Parinde khwaabon ke thame haath, udde, nachhe saari raat, khushi leke saath. These lines are what we live for!

O Sanam- Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali is immortal, as are his songs. O Sanam gives this playlist the touch of nostalgia it needs. There must be some memories attached with this song for you, and if not, go on and make some!!! After all, YOLO. Another Lucky Ali song you might find in this playlist is Tum Hi Se.

Piya Basanti- Sultan Khan, K. S. Chithra

If you have never jammed to Piya Basanti in a car with your friends, you are missing out on some serious memorable experiences. Sir, we suggest you take your car out of the parking and leave right away with your loved ones on an impromptu, unplanned trip with no destination in mind, only to play this song on your journey and jam to it, full power.

Dil Beparvah- Ankur Tewari, Prateek Kuhad

Iss dil ki aadat yahi hai, gir kar sambhalta nahi hai. This song hits home harder than we’d hope. It’s the kind of song you instantly fall in love with, you know? Sang by two absolute angels, this is a must-play in every ride.

City Life- Raghav Meattle

We’d be lying if we said that this was not one of the most jammable songs by Meattle. Some days you just want to drive around the city with the boys, singing this song and just for a moment, forgetting all of your problems, and relaxing.Β 

Teri Yaad- Ankur Tewari, The Ghalat Family

Sometimes a song is all about that vibe. That’s how you feel after listening to this track by The Ghalat Family. We adore this band, and Ankur Tewari! The first whole month after listening to them, we had their songs on repeat.

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There are a couple stages to falling in love. First, you start liking someone. The sun shines brighter, the air becomes lighter. Then, you start daydreaming about them. You make up cute scenarios in your head- super innocent! Trouble is about to begin when you start seeing them in your dreams too. They’re there in the randomest, weirdest dreams. You’re fighting dragons in Charlie’s Chocolate factory, while the floor switches to lava and AC/DC plays in the background, and out of nowhere, you see them standing waving at you.

But the only way to know for sure if you’re in love with someone, is when you start listening to love songs. The same love songs that you listened to and sang along with, now start meaning much more. Every lyric becomes relatable, every tune matches the pace of your beating heart. And you think, β€œMan it’s like the lyricist wrote this song exclusively for me.” If this is happening to you, sir, then you’re almost definitely in love.

So what’s next? Vo ghise-pite Bollywood cliche gaano ko kab tak sunoge? Motojojo has made a love playlist specifically for you. Whether you’ve been in love for a day, a month, a year or even 10, 20 ,30, this playlist is exactly what you’re looking for.

P.s. you don’t have to be in love to listen to love songs. Love’s not just an emotion, it’s a vibe too.

Here’s a few of our top-favourite tracks from this playlist:

Teri Ay- Umer Farooq

This is a personal go-to love song. It talks about the fresh feeling of love, and about everything you want to say to your special someone. We truly wish more people would hear this music, because it’s a top-tier elite song!

Main Bola Hey!- Karthik Rao

Most of us heard this song in TVF’s Kota Factory. And instantly, we fell in love with it. The giddy feeling of getting a new crush, daydreaming about their hands in yours, the whole kiddush process. And it’s so surprising that even after reaching 25, 30 years of age, the feeling’s exactly the same. Takes you right back to college days!

Baagay- Hari & Sukhmani, The Coconut Kids

This song is worth all the hype! It’s catchy, it’s adorable, and it is a blend of Hindi, English and Punjabi! The beats make this song all the more upbeat and once you hear it, you’re bound to get addicted. This song managed to stay on repeat for a month straight in our minds.

Wajah- Piyush Bhisekar

Piyush had us at the first ho haaaaaa. This song hits us right in the feels, every time we hear it! It has a beauty of its own. Lyrics 10/10, music 10/10, singer 10/10, vibe 12/10. What more could we need? The best times to listen to this song are sunrise, sunset, the whole of summer, winter and monsoon, and before bed. So pretty much all the time.

Dooba Dooba- Silk Route

Just reading the name takes us into a nostalgic journey to the first time we heard this song. Those were the days, man! This song is one of those that introduced us to the concept of love. It’s a gem of a song, and we must preserve it at all costs!

Baatein Karo- Vayu

This song is something we can all relate to. The idea behind this song is exactly what Motojojo preaches. It encourages conversations, the rawness and intimacy of real-life, face-to-face conversations shared between people known and unknown. While the age of social media has brought us some perks, it shouldn’t become an all-consuming entity. Baitho kabhi sath mere bhi do baatein karo. Go give your loved ones a looong hug, and start a conversation. Life’s too short not to.

Click here to listen to a few other tracks you would find in this playlist.


Rap is the art of stringing together words to define thoughts, emotions and perspectives- personal, sentimental, social or even political.Β  Rap can be poetry, a love ballad, a party anthem, a wake-up call or even a political movement. That’s what makes this genre so diverse and appealing.

There comes a phase in each of our lives when we become overly obsessed with rap. It could be the first time you heard Rap God on MTV, or the first time you yelled Honey Singh lyrics at a party, or the first Divine track you heard in your friend’s car, or the first J Cole song you stumbled upon on YouTube. Regardless of how your rap journey started, you know that it’s a super versatile, super meaningful artform. Rap music has made its way to India over the past few years, and a lot of Indian indie artists have been spitting fire all over the internet. Some of these artists and their songs are underrated hidden gems that we believe the world must listen to at least once in their lifetimes.

If you’re someone looking for new rap music, or if you’ve just started discovering it, or if you’ve saturated your old playlist and are looking for some bangers, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a couple tracks you can find in this playlist:

Chal Bombay- DIVINE

How could we have a rap playlist without Divine’s songs on it. Just singing along to it makes us feel like Bandra teens jumping on fads. We’re proud to say that we know the lyrics by heart. Our favourite part of this song is the very beginning- β€œJab mere paas thi vo, meri khaas thi vo, mera shooter, mera nasha meri ghaas thi vo.”

City Slums- Raja Kumari, DIVINE

City Slums is not a song, it’s a vibe in itself. This is the perfect song to play while jamming with your friends in the car. It’s a go-to carpool karaoke track for us! This song introduced us to Raja Kumari, and boy, do we stan her!

Scene Kya Hai- Nucleya

The amount of times we have jammed to Scene kya hai. Every party is incomplete without this song playing at least once, and everyone screaming the lyrics together. It has to be one of the best songs by Nucleya till now. Sabhi jaanwar yahan koi saaf nahi hai, apni success ke peeche koi baap nai hai.

Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?- Emiway Bantai

This song might not have some musical genius behind it, but it sure as hell slaps. It’s just so, so catchy and we’re almost embarrassed to admit that we had it on repeat for a while last summer.

Click here to listen to a few other tracks you would find in this playlist.